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Yes, I'm finally a member again. =D Awesome!

Anyway! I've been working at a seasonal sales associate for a store called Aaron Brothers & Framing since the end of November. It's a pretty cool little job. I sell art supplies, picture frames, and some custom frames, which gives me the opportunity to meet crazy artistic hippies looking for spare scraps of cardboard to paint cubist portraits of Bob Marley on and rich bastards looking to get photographs of their prize-winning Irish Setters framed in the most elaborate and disturbingly expensive frames that exist. So far, the only really bad part of the job was knowing that it would have to come to an end at the beginning of January.
But, here we are, the beginning of January, and I haven't been let got yet.

I went in to work at about ten this morning, completely and utterly depressed because I thought that it was my last day. Not only would I be losing the second coolest job I've ever had to date (the first coolest was working as a receptionist at a Beauty Salon back in Buena Vista. My job was basically to stand and look friendly and cute. In fact, Amy, my boss, told me that she'd hired me because I was friendly and cute. It paid like shit, but I spent most of my shifts reading Vogue magazine, eavesdropping on juicy small-town gossip, secretly hating my co-worker Ellen, and drinking unholy amounts of coffee, which eventually gave me the look of a twitchy, tweaky zombie with very nicely styled hair), but I would be without a job until God Knows When.

But, at the end of my shift, my punky, dry-humored, always-smells-ridiculously-good, head manager Eric told me that he put me on the schedule next week.
Which is really nice, because at least I have a job until, like, next week.
And, it's funny because, since the week of Christmas he's been warning me that "this week might be your last week". But today Ruth, the assistant-manager, who is probably one of the prettiest, weirdest people I've ever met, told me that she and Eric love me sooo much and they both think I'm sooo cool and suuuuch a hard worker, and as soon as they have a full-time position open, they'll tooootally hire me, etc...
Honestly? I know that I'm just going to end up disappointed in the end, but I'd like to think that they're going to scrape up hours for me until hypochrondriac sales associate Joe quits or is fired and they can give me his job. Or maybe I'll just have leftover hours forever and ever and Eric will just keep warning me that it might be my last week...
That would be okay.

Seriously, you guys, I've got a mad case of the happy-sads. I wish I could just work at Aaron Brothers until I have to leave Colorado Springs. Ugh.
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I have been gone omg I suck!


So here I am anyway. What can I say, what can I say...oh, I've started this awesome new program called body-for-life. Basically a weights and cardio program that's going to get me buuuuff. I am looking forward to it. I love doing weights anyway, but now I have a program to follow so that's awesome...I'll probably be posting updates anyway. Today is my free day (you get one a week) and I am going to eat pizza and icecream for tea. hehe

Oh yeah, if anyone's heard of it, there's this really good new rating community. mofukka. Um if advertising was against the rules I'M REALLY SORRY but it's really cool like this place and rates on personality as well as looks, and thought you guys might enjoy it. ^^

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I just made a massive big batch of mince chow mien... and it would be so easy for me to eat the lot. Not because I'm hungry, but becuse it tastes so damn good.

Jamie's gone to have a sleep... of course. Dad's get to do those kinds of things whenever they want. The other day (after 3 days of VERY broken sleep - thanks kids) I told him I needed a sleep so he suggested I "nap on the couch". Yeah... on the couch, with both the kids crawling all over me. In my next life, I want to come back as a lazy man who has a wife do everything for him just to feel what it's like.

I'm thinking of going back to TAFE But I honestly have no idea what to study. I'm not sure if I should do a refresher course for the Office Admin I did back in '99 or if I should do something completely new that challenges me.

I'm sick of being at home with the kids, it's been close to (if not over) 5 years and I can feel myself getting dumb... it's not a nice feeling. :|\

That will do for wnow, I'll try to get some dailies done when Lilith isn't trying to mangle the keyboard!! ;)

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EEEK Sorry guys, I'm so so so behind this month - please forgive me.
Here are my Top 10, some catchup dailies and what not + a text post.
Top 10 Pet Peeves

1. When people don't smile at Lilith (I know I know, this is such a mother thing, but if you had an insanely cute child, you'd understand)

2. When parents get competitive.. "Oh well MY child can read the encyclopedia backwards so nerrr"

3. Door-to-door Religious Salesman. Sorry if that offends you, but in realty that's exactly what they are. DTD salesmen need a licence, the religious door knockers should need one too.

4. When said DTD Religious Salespeople drag their children along. :|

5. When people say "I dont like it when women use abortion as a birth control". Please. Show me women who use abortion as birth control.

6. Anti-Fat speech. Including all that "Ohhh I'm only concerned about your healh" bull shit. If that was the case they'd be just as venemous with drinking, smoking, drug use, and McDonalds.

7. The fact that the Australian Government has just upped the price of what they like to call "Alco-pops" (think cruises, Smirnoff Black/red/ice, Breezers and the like). So now, as a responsible ADULT, when I want to go out and have a drink, I'm looking at paying close to (if not over) $10 for ONE DRINK.

8. All the damn spam on MSN now a days - what the hell is that all about??

9. When people question my affection for Jamie based on our not-married state.

10. Being woken up in the middle of a mind-blowingly awesome dream (sadly this happens far too often in my house)

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Are you a talker or a listener? Is it ever possible to really be both? Why or why not?

I'm a Gemini, I can always be both ;)

But yes, I am a talker AND a listener. There are days when I just HAVE to be the talker, so sorry I can't deal with your emo shit on those days. They are few and far between but when they happen I have to be the one speaking.
Most of the time I'm a listener. A Quiet observer, I pick lots of things up on those days.

Today's Almost Daily Word Theme Is: History
Do you believe that history repeats itself? Why or why not? What do you believe is the most important piece of your own history? What is your favourite time period? Least favourite time period? Why? Do you think that if you could go back in time to change anything, what would it be and why?

History has repeated itself many times in my life, until I woke up and took the lesson and changed the way I did things.

Hmmm the most important piece of my history is the emotional abuse I was exposed to as a child - it's made me who I am (and who i'm not) today.

My favourite time period is ancient history. The Mayans, the Aztecs, the Egytptians! Fascinating stuff.

I think the only thing I would change, is instead of running away from Jamie the last time (when I was pregnant with Lilith) I stayed and worked on our relationship from the inside.
Australia 2012

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Daily Theme for the 5th of August:
When you buy new clothes or accessories, is there a certain color, pattern, or style you are usually drawn to? (i.e.polka dots, vintage, stripes, fairy prints etc) Are there any in particular that you will most likely NOT buy? Why or why not?

I RARELY buy myself new clothes (the bane of being a parent) but when I do I tend to stick to dark bulk colours. Nothing flashy or colourful. I'm a very big girl and simple dark colours and clasic lines work better on me. I tend to go for simple jewelery and accesories too.

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Pokoyo Waahmbulance

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Daily Theme for the 2nd of August:
Do you commonly remember your dreams? Do you often have the same types of dreams or are they all different? What was the last dream that you remember? What was the last nightmare you remember?

I do remember my dreams, all the time. They are always different, but I am always in them. The last dream I remember was the dream I had last night.

Jamie and the kids and I were moving to Nerang** (not sure if this is an actual place or not - will google it). The town was small, and quiet but the rent was cheap. There was a Burlesque Club in the main street, as well as 2 dance studios and a sex shop that specialised in hard core BDSM things. At first that's all it appeared to have on the main street, but as we drove further up the street we saw a Macca's and a Hungry Jacks and a KFC. As well as a Bunnings store and a supermarket, as well as other little specialty stores. The town seemed poor and depressing. I'm not sure why we were moving there. I saw several "Help Wanted" ads in the windows of stores, and they were jobs that I could easily do. My dad was there driving me up the main street, and I commented that I could learn to dance at one of the studios.

That was all I remember.

The last nightmare I remember was something about Jamie leaving me. Sounds stupid but I woke up thinking it was real and that he had gone. I sat in bed and cried... and then cried even harder when I came down stairs and realised it had just been a dream.

** Huh, so it turns out there IS a town called Nerang. How weird... I dont think I've ever heard of it before.

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Are you addicted to anything? Have you kicked any addictions in the past? Has anyone close to you had any serious addictions? What is the most ridiculous addiction you've heard of?

Are you addicted to anything?
As much as I hate admitting it; I'm addicted to food. I mean, everyone is - really - we need it to survive. But I have a really unhealthy attachment to it. Food is my comforter when I'm feeling anything other than contentment.
Anger = I eat
Boredom = I eat
Threatened = I eat
Depressed = I eat
Ugly/Worthless = I eat
Frustrated = I eat
Unheard = I eat.

It just goes on and on. I am SO RARELY hungry I often get confused when I "feel" hungry because I have forgotten what that sensation actually feels like. If I could get myself to eat ONLY when hungry I would be half of the size I am today. It's a serious addiction and I hate it. Eating Disorders are not fun.

Have you kicked any addictions in the past?
Sadly no, although I did have to put myself on a 3 month eBay ban because I was becomming seriously indebt from all my overspending. That was very close to becomming an addiction.

Has anyone close to you had any serious addictions?
Jamie is addicted to World of Warcraft. He will NEVER ADMIT IT, but he is. Our credit card denied his renewal the other day, so when he went to log in he received an "out of playtime" message and was unable to log in... so he went back to bed. I was devestated. He was awake enough to play wow, but not awake enough to stay up with me. The minute he gets out of bed he's on the PC, the minute he gets home from work he's on the PC. And he'll be up to 2 or 3 in the morning on Non-work days, playing wow. He has a friend on WOW in America and I swear Jamie has a boy-crush on him. This friend is planning on moving to Australia (he's saving up for it as we type) and I'm seriously concerned I will lose Jamie to him for a while. Not in a gay type "my husband left me for another man" way; but Jamie forms these obsessions over people and they become his whole world for about 4-6 weeks. Jamie and Dan are really really close and I can seriously see this happening. At least he'll be in the same house, but I know that those two will just about be a married couple for a time. *sighs* LOL

What is the most ridiculous addiction you've heard of?
If it's serious, no addiction is ridiculous. However I had a non-serious addiction to KFC Mashies (mash potato balls in a yummy coating) for a while. That was pretty ridiculous lol