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We're not all beauty...

...We've got great personality too!

We're not all beauty.
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not_all_beauty personality rating community
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001. Please post your application within 24 hours of joining. Lurkers are frequently removed.
002. Please only post comments responding to others in your application until you are stamped.
003. Do not post outside of your application until you're stamped.
004. Put "I'm not all beauty" in the subject line of your application and "I've got a great personality too" in the lj-cut so we know you read the rules.
005. Put effort into your application. All too often, people are rejected for short, rushed answers. You don't have to write a novel, but make us feel like we know you!
006. Do not delete or edit your application after it has been posted. If you change your mind and no longer want to apply, please leave a comment in your application with the title, "Application Withdrawn" and explain why you have chosen to do so.
007. Please be nice and respectful to members of the community.
008. Please post in HTML only!

Applications (Choose One)

001. Please put "stamped," the activity, and (if you know) the points in the subject line of each of your posts. (e.g. "stamped // daily theme // +2").
002. Please tag your own posts, thanks!
003. Be nice to all the members. This is a respectful community so be courteous to one another. If you have any problems please speak to one of the moderators.
004. When voting on applications put yes, no or sway in the comment subject to state your vote. If you have the ability, don't forget to add your x2, x3, or x4 vote.
005. Be polite to the applicants: don't be rude for no reason.
006. NEVER vote on only one aspect of the application - base your vote solely on their application as a whole. If you think they haven't put enough time into it, vote as sway and ask them questions you'd like to have answered. Then, vote accordingly.
007. There's no limit to amount of pictures in one post (maximum points per post is 25) but please always use an lj-cut when posting more than one picture or any pictures larger than 400x400.

Welcome to notall_beauty, a 100% personality based rating community. We do not require you to post pictures or promote the community unless you want to. If you're new here, please read through the applicant rules before posting an application. If you have any questions please feel free to ask a moderator.

Owner: trashcan_blues
Co-Mod: spunkyfmxgirl
Co-Mod: cioccolatacalda

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